Monday, October 11, 2010


Oh that Kelly. She's a sneaky one. Tagging me in this fun lil blog game. And thennn the lovely Laura tagged me! So here are my long-winded answers to the questions they posed. Be sure to read all to the end to find out if I tagged you and what questions I want *you* to answer!

First up, Kelly's Qs!

1. If you could pick any one animal to have as a pet, what would you choose?
I. Love. Monkeys. Omg I die for them. While I would love to give any primate a loving home, this guy stole my heart when I played with him in Roatan, Honduras. So cute, right? I think it's a spider monkey? Yeah, we'll go with that.

I do not know those children. Clearly I was photo-bombed. 

2. What is the weirdest injury you have ever sustained?
I plan on doing a more in-depth post about this over on my wedding blog, but I'm currently going through some...trauma due to my wedding shoes. This is what my toes looked like 3 weeks after my wedding:

That's BRUISING. From my WEDDING SHOES. Now? They look even worse. Like, WAY worse. As in, my left big toe is half the size it should be.
3. What is the worst insult you’ve ever received?
Junior year of high school I was at an after-party for a school dance. I was being my silly, sarcastic self, and apparently some girl didn't like that too much. Her name was Emily, coincidentally. Anyway, she called me a C U Next Tuesday, stuck out her tongue and sprayed spit all over me. That was cute.

4. Which character from Friends was your favorite? And if you didn’t watch Friends… who the F are you?
I wasn't a hugely loyal Friends fan, unfortunately. I'd have to say Rachel was my fave because she was the prettiest and had the best hair. Yes, I'm shallow. No, I will not apologize for that.

5. What is the best “go-to” recipe in your arsenal?
Can my answer be the take-out menu drawer? Those never fail me :)

Okaayyyy. I must say that I'm pretty good at making fish. Tilapia is my favorite fish because of it's mild flavor and ability to pair well with a variety of seasonings. I like to grill it, pan sear it, or broil it. Yum in every way! This recipe for chili-rubbed tilapia (courtesy of Smoky Mountain Cafe) is delicious and SO easy. Like, legit fool-proof. I serve it with rice and also green beans, which I saute in the leftover oil/chili powder. Mmmm I might make it this week!

6. If you could go back and change one detail of your life, what would you change and why?
Oooh tough one. I'm a big believer of living with no regrets. However, I really think it's somewhat unavoidable. So, if I could go back and change one thing, I would be a better student. I got good grades in school, took advanced and AP classes, but I just wasn't a very good student. I don't *like* school. I like to learn, but I don't like the traditional school environment.

7. Which of the 50 United States would you least like to live in?
The coldest ones. I'm looking at you, Alaska.

8. What was your favorite class in high school or college?
Didn't we JUST cover the fact that I don't like school? Ha! The one class that sticks out is my Great Films and Literature class from high school. I had a major crush on the teacher so I looked forward to it every day.  Don't ask me what we learned...clearly I absorbed nothing.

Here are Laura's Qs:

1. If you could live anywhere in the US (and have your family/friends/job there) where would you choose?
I live here already! I LOVE love loooove DC. 

2. How did you meet your significant other?
Ughhh I hate answering this question. MySpace. There. I said it. So embarrassing.

3. What's your favorite trip/vacation you've taken? 
Hmmm that's a tough one. While I absolutely loved our honeymoon, the first vacation Josh and I took together (a cruise) is probably my favorite. We were only about 4 months into our "official" relationship, but decided to take a leap of faith and spend a week together in a 108 square foot cabin on a boat. We had a blast and aside from a few spats, didn't fight at all!

4. Who do you most look up to? 
My mom, hands down. She's awesome, strong, independent, beautiful, intelligent, and so much more. If I can be even a quarter of the woman she is, I'll be a happy lady.

5. What's your favorite holiday and why? 
My birthday! No? That's not an option? Boo :( Well, I do enjoy a good 4th of July celebration. Thanksgiving is awesome because of all the food (and my mom makes the most BOMB-ASS gravy that I could literally drink from a cup.) And of course, Christmas because let's be real, who doesn't like presents?

6. Who is the person who knows you best? 
Josh is absolutely the person who knows me best. I share *almost* everything with him (certain things my friends tell me I keep to myself.) He's always the first person I want to call with exciting news or something cool. My mom comes in at a very close second :)

7. What do you do for a living? Is it what you pictured yourself doing? 
Currently I'm unemployed :( I want to get into event planning, which is not what I pictured doing, but what I believe I'm supposed to do.

8. What's one thing that brightens your day without fail?
My boys, Tyler and Joey :) See sidebar to look at their cute mugs. How could they NOT make you smile?

Whew! That was crazy. Here are your questions!

1. Who would be your partner on The Amazing Race? Why?
2. What actress would play you in a movie about your life?
3. What is your favorite spice or herb? Or both!
4. What is the one outfit you can put on and immediately feel your prettiest/sexiest/sassiest/most beautiful?
5. Growing up, what was your most awkward age/year?
6. If you could choose to be born in any era, which one would you pick?
7. What is your go-to drink at the bar? And if you don't drink...booo. Jk I'm sure you're way fun :)

Also, a ton of my favorite girls were already tagged, so here are a few of my faves who have yet to receive the honor:

Christina from At least we have each other
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Maria from Procrastination Station


  1. Don't feel bad one of my close friends met her husband on myspace too. They actually started out as a one night stand and are now happily married. Go figure. haha.

  2. Rachel is my Friends idol. Her hair is amazing. And eff that girl who called you the C word. You're way more faboosh and she's a loser. ;)

  3. Dude! I said the same thing for #2 when I filled this out (Kelly tagged me too). But I'll fill yours out here :)
    1. My bff LB would be my teammate. We might not be the most competent team but we'd have fun regardless whether we win or lose!
    2. Salma Hayek! I have a girl crush on her, haha.
    3. Hmm, I like basil, and red pepper flakes!
    4. Deep fuschia cashmere sweater with dark denim Lucky brand jeans
    5.Probably something in middle school like 13
    6. 80s, as in I would have wanted to be a teen then to see the crazy fashions, actually be IN fashion
    7. Dos Equis Lager, my most favorite beer ever!

  4. Holla to the MySpace Marrieds out there! :)

  5. O my god WE CAN NO LONGER BE FRIENDS. I can't handle primates. Even most humans. You should read my Tagged post. You'll understand.

    I want to do amazing race SO FREAKIN BAD. I would totally invite my African travel partner (and new coworker) Liz as we conquered all of East Africa together and we know 5ish languages together (no Asian ones, boo). Okay I know you didn't ask but whatever.

    Oh and I LOVE tilapia too. SO maybe, MAYBE we can be friends.

  6. Primate Attacks #1 & #2:

    That's it.

  7. Bahaha photo-bombed! Those kids were trying to get in on the monkey action, obviously. Also, your poor toes!! Those bruises are intense! Thanks for tagging me, can't wait to answer ;)

  8. 1. The monkey is a capuchin, in case you want to look up more adorable pictures of the cute little guys. :)
    2. OMG ouch! What the heck shoes did that to you, and have you burned them yet?!
    3. I met an ex on myspace. It is embarrassing, but you're definitely not alone.
    4. Tyler and Joey are super adorable!

  9. OMG loving your answers. Oh and HOLY TOES!!!!! B's toes look like that right now and we can't figure out why.... guess I just found out he's wearing heels in his spare time.

    Also did we discuss how we're a Myspace Marrieds Couple too?????? We need a support group/club.


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