Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30DBJ: Day 29

Hopes/Dreams/Plans for the Next 365 Days

I need a job. And it's getting to the point where I'm almost ready to just take anything that comes my way, even if it has no relevance to what I really want to do (event planning.) However, I really think doing that would be a big mistake. So for right now, my hope for the next year is to get a job and be a good wife, daughter, and friend. And finish my damn wedding recaps. 



  1. Don't settle. Something good will come your way.

  2. I'm the opposite - I say you get a job, any job, even if its retail ::gasp:: as it shows motivation, keeps you in a working mindset, brings a little money in and gives you something to do. I see a lot of people in our generation give up on the job search and move back home with the rents and it makes me mad.

    I always tell my students (they're graduate business students so most of them are job searching) that finding a job is like finding a mate. You have to go out to meet new people/companies. Then you do a little flirting/networking. After, you might go on a few dates/interviews. Then, they may or may not propose... but if you do a good job - you'll find a great place for yourself.


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